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Subtle Madness began when Dana Franz and Ann Cioffi left their former band and found Chris Gabriel through a craigslist ad. A week later, Chris had a party and invited Sean Barr, and it all just fell together there. Subtle Madness has been performing the Virginia circuit for two and a half years, with a blend of music that is all over the map, from modern rock, to the pop rock of the 80's, and some classic rock.. Its danceable, hard rockin, and a party every time!
Sean Barr: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, found himself at age four, imitating Mick Jagger, and then through the years exposing himself into heavy doses of Aerosmith Kiss and the Sex Pistols. Sean, the former lead singer of Tainted Saints, says "We put on a hell of a show.. You can really feel the energy when we play. I think the fact that we are all such good friends translates through the music, and shows in our stage presence."

Dana Franz: Lead Guitar, Vocals, is a Seattle native, that starting playing guitar at age 12. He was heavily influenced by Pink Floyd and Rush. In the early 90's he started the band, Elusive Edge, that toured over the Seattle area. He relocated to D.C. and there he joined a band, Ethical Dilemna, through a craigslist ad, where he found Ann Cioffi (bass).

Ann Cioffi: Bass, Vocals, has been a Rush head since she was 12. A classically trained trumpet player, got her first electric guitar at age 16. Rockerchick was born! She started playing bass for a band in Columbia, Section 8, which hit the Baltimore scene. She moved on to a band Ethical Dilemna, where she met Dana Franz. They hit it off great musically, and quit that band to form Subtle Madness.

Chris Gabriel: Drums, Vocals, used his mom's furniture and taught himself to play drums starting around the age of 11. Years later he finally bought himself a drum set and has been banging away ever since. Influenced by The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Rush, Chris has played drums for several bands over the last 20 years, including the Joe Chiocca band, and The Spoilers. Dana and Ann found him through a Craig's list ad, and immediately the energy was there. Chris says "Ive been in a lot of bands, but this band is by far the most challenging and energetic band Ive ever been in!"
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